The Sherrill Park Learning Center powered by Titleist® offers golf instruction to intermediate and new golfers. Sherrill Park’s ground-breaking approach is to teach golf in a fun, nonintimidating environment and transition players from the driving range to the golf course while creating new golfers.


Private Lessons

Standard rates for private instruction are $90 / hour or $50 / half hour. To make arrangements for private lessons, please contact one of our professionals using the information below. Please allow one hour for video instruction.

Golf It Up

The Golf It Up program provides instruction for the new golfer to the intermediate player with varying levels of skill. Golf It Up for the beginning and intermediate player includes: 8 hours of instruction (7 hours on the driving range, chipping, putting green and 1 hour on the golf course with your instructor).


Hawks Team

The HAWKS Junior Golf Team at Sherrill Park provides a year round opportunity for junior golfers to be exposed to the game of golf. Ages 7 – 18 will be considered for joining the team. A skills test will be given to determine eligibility. Life and golf skill based learning are the focus of this program.

Summer Junior Golf Camps

Our camps are for the junior whose interest in golf is either high or growing immensely. While still based on learning the fundamentals through games, our camps offer golfers a chance to apply skills learned on the course. Providing a platform that makes golf easier and more enjoyable is vital to long term participation and success.


Dave Hasse, PGA Member

Dave Hasse, PGA Member

Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor Lvl. 1

Dave has been a member of the PGA of America since 1992. For the past 20 years Dave has taught beginners, intermediate and advanced players from ages 5 to 85. Dave is the head coach of the “Hawks” Junior golf team, and a member of the Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Committee. He completed his certification as a Golf Fitness Trainer Level 1 through the Titleist Performance Institute. Dave was honored to receive the 2008 NTPGA Junior Golf Leader Award, and received honorable mention (in 2007) by US Kids Golf for top 50 Junior Instructor’s in the state.

Dave’s teaching philosophy is “let’s enjoy learning about YOUR most efficient golf swing based on your goals and desires.”

To schedule your next group, individual or golf fitness learning experience please contact Dave.

214-354-3517 | Email

Rick Woodson, PGA Member

Rick Woodson, PGA Member

Teaching Professional

Rick began his professional career working as an assistant club pro in in Orlando, FL. In 2002, Rick decided to devote his career to a full time teaching professional. He began teaching at Woodbridge Golf Club in Wylie, TX, at the time NTPGA (North Texas PGA) headquarters.

As a golf instructor and coach, Rick is in high demand. He has been recognized as the 2019 Northern Texas PGA Section Teacher of the Year and 2019 Northern Texas PGA Metro Chapter Teacher of the Year.

Rick’s teaching philosophy is one to help all golfers. “I don’t believe there is a universal method to swing the golf club, but each player needs to gain ownership of their “fingerprint” golf swing. One thing for sure, every golfer I’ve coached is unique. I believe golf coaches need to have the ability to discuss and demonstrate swing concepts many different ways depending on how the student processes information. Video, TrackMan, 3-D, swing demonstration, drills, pictures are all part of my teaching tool chest. My goal for each and every golfer is they will leave better than they arrived!”

Rick is currently coaching players of all levels including touring professionals, elite juniors and club golfers.

214-673-7867 | Email

Jacob Horton, PGA Member

Jacob Horton, PGA Member

Teaching Professional – Director of the Performance Golf Academy

817-757-0907 | Email

Andrew Lewis, PGA Member

Andrew Lewis, PGA Member

Teaching Professional